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Tax Minimization

For many business owners and other successful individuals, the Internal Revenue Service is the most insistent creditor and taxes are one of the most significant and ever-present expenses. Because they can be such a confusing and frustrating topic, taxes often leave the average tax paying individual or business owner overwhelmed. Trying to deal with then, and plan for them, can become discouraging. This may be especially the case if adequate competent professional assistance is not available.

There is no shortage of CPAs and accountants, but these professionals typically think of tax planning as doing a tax return and telling the client how much additional tax is due. Some might occasionally recommend a variation of an Individual Retirement Account or another common tax maneuver, but they typically do not deal with real tax planning. Likewise, an attorney might commonly think of tax planning as preparing the client’s living trust in order to minimize estate administration expense and complexity. And a financial planner or insurance advisor customarily thinks of tax planning as the use of a 401(k) plan.

Mark’s approach is different. He is dually licensed as an attorney and a CPA. He has assisted clients for over thirty years by meeting with them to help them plan their best tax situations. This professional service has been provided in addition to preparing their returns and handling their compliance matters. Mark does not consider taxes to be a spectator sport. He encourages his clients to become involved in understanding their taxes and the steps that they can take to reduce them to the extent legally possible.

With locations in the St. Louis, Missouri, and Louisville, Kentucky Metropolitan areas, contact Mark through the website, at (888) 455-3228 or email, mfrey@freytaxfinancial.com to learn more. 

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